The Best Children's Night Light in 2024

Establishing a peaceful sleep haven for your precious little one can turn bedtime into a peaceful time.
The Best Ideal Night Light makes it easier for your child to relax when falling asleep and offers comfort when waking up at night .

Do kids need a night light?

Although not absolutely essential, the best baby night light can be a great addition to your little one's bedroom or nursery. Let's be honest: the dark can be intimidating! A child's night light can provide a sense of security and comfort when venturing into the world of dreams. Whether your goal is to relax your child when they fall asleep, establish a routine for the time go to bed or dispel nighttime fears, there are a multitude of night lights adapted to these needs.

Do kids need a night light?

How to choose a baby night light?

First, determine what you intend to use the best night light for. Beyond providing soft light in your child's bedroom, some night lights also make it easier for children to read, change diapers or feed at night. Some even have timers to help children establish a sleep routine.

Consider details such as:

  • music and sounds
  • design
  • types of bulbs
  • color and brightness
  • alarm capabilities
  • the projected images
  • the timer
  • the remote control
  • power supply: plugged in or battery operated

The projected images are enjoyed by children of all ages and can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Children who are learning the time value night lights with a timer and alarm . So they can know when it's time to go to sleep, get up or get ready for school.

How did we select the best baby night lights?

We analyzed product functions and consulted customer reviews to guide you to the best choices in terms of price, functionality and quality. Keep reading to find out exactly what you're looking for in a night light - you might even consider installing one in your own bedroom, as we offer night lights for adults too!

1) The Rabbit Night Light with Glasses

This children's lamp is a night light in the shape of a rabbit that seems to have come straight out of its burrow. The rabbit's glasses make this lamp entertaining for our little ones. Its LEDs emit a sparkling white light which highlights the different colors of this rabbit night light with glasses .

It should not be confused with its cousin, the hare , which always remains hidden in the forest! This rabbit with glasses is tactile and is available in different colors .

Rabbit night light with bezel

2) The kitten night light

This is one of our most charming night lights , specially designed for toddlers . This cute little cat who sleeps peacefully finds his place on every bedside table . There is a kitten night light model in blue or pink .

This charming little feline can be installed in your little treasure's bedroom to help him fall asleep peacefully. It will perfectly fulfill its bright role as a pet .

kitten night light

3) The Panda Night Light

We invite you to discover the exotic world of central China , near Gansu . This is where we met this very rare panda , who swapped Kung Fu for skateboarding .

This giant animal with black and white fur is not made of bamboo, but of a high quality ABS material that will deter any monsters from hiding under your children's bed.

Panda night light

4) The Projection Night Light

Enjoy a starry night every evening with this LED projector lamp . Comes with five projection films, it can display images in three different colors at three brightness levels on your walls and ceiling.

For use as a basic night light , simply place the included cover over the lamp. This directs the projection towards the cover, creating a soft, attenuated light.

Battery or mains operated, you can adjust the color and brightness to your preference. This lamp is ideal for children aged 1 and over , but it is also appreciated by many adults. Who knows, you might even use it at your next party to create a disco vibe.

Night Light Projection | Projection Lamp

5) The Luminous Cat Night Light

These charming animal designs make a great nighttime companion for your child. Featuring several soothing colors , this adorable portable LED lamp stays cool to the touch and charges via a USB port .

These baby night lights are especially suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. The animal (cat) shape design is made of non-toxic washable silicone , easy to clean.

Luminous Cat Night Light

6) The Night Light Alarm Clock for Children

This innovative night light is specially designed to help children ages 1 and up stick to a sleep schedule . You have the option to adjust the brightness of the bulb and the light offers a battery and plug-in option. The lamp is equipped with a nap timer and several alarm options . As a night light, you can choose from six color options .

In the morning, the alarm will serve to signal to your child that it is time to play quietly or to get up to start their day. You can also program a countdown timer on the night light for naps or other activities.

Alarm clock Night light

7) The Galaxy Projector Night Light

This energy-efficient LED night light is an additional option that projects colorful images onto the wall, ceiling or floor. This lamp is available in two versions: blue or pink , allowing you to adapt your choice to suit your child.

Many parents report that their children enjoy exploring the solar system with this projector lamp . Their curiosity is stimulated, and who knows, they could become future scientists !

Galaxy Projector

8) The Turtle Night Light

These plush night lights come in a variety of stuffed animals , but this turtle plush is one of the most charming options in our selection. You can adjust the turtle's LED light or opt for a projected image , which illuminates the walls. This battery-operated night light is ideal for babies and young children .

In addition to lighting up, this nightlight plush features peaceful songs and nature sounds with three volume options. It is popular with parents and children. One parent even said that their daughter had been using it continuously for 4 years!

It is important to note that this night light should never be placed in a baby's bed, as it poses a suffocation hazard .

Turtle night light

9) The Moon Night Light

Embark on a nighttime journey with this innovative LED night light . Designed for children aged 1 and over , it helps establish a regular sleep rhythm . You can adjust the brightness of the bulb and choose between soft light or colorful projection on the walls. This battery-operated night light is ideal for toddlers.

In addition to its lighting function, this moon-shaped night light offers soothing melodies and nature sounds with three volume levels. It is appreciated by parents and children. One parent even testified that her daughter has been using it continuously for 4 years!

It is important to note that this night light should never be placed in a baby's bed to avoid any risk of suffocation .

Moon night light

10) The Cloud Nightlight

This night light in the shape of a little smiling cloud will diffuse a soft and soothing light in your toddler's room. This little white lamp creates a radiant ambiance that will envelop your baby in a feeling of happiness.

If your child is in tears, this bright white cloud will bring instant calm, like a rain of sweetness falling from the sky. This lamp is available in white, pink and blue colors , satisfying both little boys and little girls.

Cloud Night Light

How to choose the right night light

It is advisable to choose a night light with warm colors , because blue and white light can affect the quality of sleep and make it more difficult to fall asleep. Some lamps offer color options and allow you to adjust the brightness .

If you plan to use it for reading before bed or changing diapers at night, opt for a brighter light. Prefer a dim light if you plan to leave it on all night.

Beyond the lamp itself, choosing the best night light for your child will depend on its characteristics and intended use. Are you looking for a device that is purely a night light, or would you prefer a device that can help your child determine when it's time to get up?

You may also wonder about how easy it is to turn on the lamp if your child wakes during the night and whether it is portable. While plug-in options may be ideal for kids who stay put or sleep through the night, a portable, battery-powered model might be better if your child wants to be able to carry it, say, to the bathroom.

mother with her baby in her arms

Frequently asked questions

What is the best night light color for kids?

Dim night lights and warmer colors are most recommended for children.

According to a small study carried out in 2018, it appears that exposure to blue and yellow LED lighting at night has a greater impact on children than adults.

Blue and yellow LED lighting can inhibit the production of melatonin – the main hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle – and decrease children's feelings of tiredness during the night, which can potentially harm sleep quality.

When should I give my child a night light?

A night light can be given to your child at any age , but it is important to consider safety features that may make some models more or less suitable for infants and young children .

For example, it is recommended to avoid night lights with easy-to-open battery compartments .

Do night lights for children have any advantages?

Night lights can help establish a sense of calm and comfort in children, making it easier for them to fall asleep and sleep soundly. They can help children who are afraid of the dark feel relaxed and comfortable at night.

They can also be helpful for children who wake up at night and want to move to another room. Models with timers can be beneficial for children who like to read in bed before falling asleep. In short, the specific benefits depend on the type of night light you choose and your child's specific needs, but the options are numerous.

child sleeps with night light on

Portable night lights

There is a wide variety of night lights , from the simplest to the most sophisticated models, equipped with projections , sounds , humidifiers and color options . Some night lights emit a soft glow, while others are bright enough for reading and changing diapers.

Many children will benefit from a night light, whether to help them determine when to get up or to help them fall asleep and relieve stress during the night .

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