Guide to Night Lights for Babies

Even if bedtime means turning off the lights for your little one, it can be helpful to have some light in the nursery for late-night visits to care for your baby. Night lights are great accessories for parents and can save you fumbling in the middle of the night while caring for your baby. But do you need a night light in the nursery ? As with other baby accessories, this isn't a requirement, but it can make your life in the middle of the night a little easier. Keep reading for a guide to buying night lights and find out if babies need a night light, what makes a good night light, what to consider when buying and more.

Choosing a baby night light

Guide to Night Lights for Babies

Baby night lights can be great baby accessories and can help you and your little one navigate the night. As with other baby accessories, however, there are several options to suit different needs. Hopefully we can shed a little light on these baby accessories so you can decide what works best for your family.

What is a night light?

A baby night light is a small device that can provide just enough light in your nursery so you can change diapers and feed your little one without hurting anyone's eyes. Night lights are gentle on tired eyes and are designed not to disrupt sleep mode. These lights provide just enough light to help you see what you're doing without waking you up completely.

Do babies need a night light?

Having a child's night light in the nursery can be useful but not essential. When your little one is a baby, dim lighting in the room can help with bedtime and late-night homework. When your baby is a little older, having one can be helpful if they wake up in the middle of the night because of nightmares or fear of the dark.

Although some babies may need a night light , yours may not. Experiment with different lights and see what works best for you and your little one. Even if your baby doesn't need it when he's little, he might still benefit from it when he's older.

Baby sleeping night light

Do night lights help babies sleep better?

Every child is different - some may sleep better with dim lighting, others may prefer complete darkness. You'll get to know your little one better and quickly discover if having a light on all night helps them feel safe or if it's just something you want to have available during late night homework.

Where should a night light be placed?

Since some babies sleep better in complete darkness, you'll want to be strategic when placing your night light , so you can benefit from it without negatively affecting your little one's sleep. Place the light in areas of the room that you need to use at night, such as the changing table or dresser. Make sure not to place the light too close to your child's bed so that the soft light is not distracting and does not interfere with their sleep.

How bright should a night light be?

Night lights should be soft, delicate and warm in tone to ensure your little one gets the best sleep possible. Exposure to bright light can negatively affect your baby's sleep, so you'll want your night light on a low wattage to minimize the effects. The best type of night lights are those that have different brightness levels, so you can keep the light low when your little one is sleeping and turn it up when you need to care for them.

What color should your night light be?

When purchasing a night light , look for red, amber, or yellow lighting. Warm lights are less likely to interfere with your baby's ability to fall asleep and are almost as good as total darkness. Soft, warm lights are best for nurseries so you can avoid waking your little one during nighttime feedings while still keeping your body in sleep mode.

Blue, green, white and other cool-toned lights can interfere with the production of melatonin, a natural sleep-inducing hormone. These types of lights can make your body think it's daytime and might make falling asleep a little more difficult. Some night lights offer color options, so you can set it to the color that suits you and your baby best.

How to insert a night light?

The best way is to just try it and see what happens. If your little one seems to be distracted by the light or has trouble falling asleep, you can switch to turning it on and off to change diapers and feed your little one.

Additional Tips When Buying a Night Light

If buying a night light is the right choice for you and your little one, keep reading for some additional tips and features you'll need to look out for when purchasing your baby and child's night light .

Power and portability

There are several types of night lights on the market, from battery-powered lights to plug-in night lights . When looking at plugged-in models, make sure you have a power outlet in a convenient and safe location in the nursery. If a power outlet isn't easily accessible or too close to your little one's bed, a battery-powered model might work better for you. This would also allow the night light to be more portable, so you can move it around depending on whether you're feeding or changing diapers.

baby dinosaur night light


Having a remote controlled night light can be cost effective and energy efficient. If your baby is older and sleeps in their own room, you can turn it on and off from outside the room, so you don't risk waking your little one when you check on them at night.

Some models even come with wifi/Bluetooth control so you can control the light from anywhere in the house that Bluetooth reaches. This will make turning a night light on and off much more convenient for you.


Timers are great features to look for when purchasing a night light for the nursery. You can set it so your little one falls asleep with the light on and turn it off once they're asleep so they can rest in complete darkness. The downside is that your baby could be in the dark if he wakes up in the middle of the night and becomes anxious.

Special Features

There are several variations of night lights that offer fun features your little one might love. Some night lights offer music and projections. Others may have color changing effects.

With so many night light and mood lighting options available, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. With a little light on all the features to consider when purchasing a night light , hopefully you can soon create a comfortable nursery for you and your little one. At Dream Nightlight, we have a huge range of night lights , night light projectors and more that will help you create a calming atmosphere for your little one while they sleep.

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